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Once again Marco NO FRONT TEETH and MISCALCULATIONS set up an alluring and sticky flytrap of an album that you simply keep your ears glued to. The new bunch of songs swarm in unmistakably with Marco's high pitched and voice that buzzes in your head and makes you wiggle happily.

On "Echolocation" MISCALCULATIONS throw back familiar soundwaves and yet they manage to advance their formula with almost undistorted and driving guitars, fantastic choruses, more background voices and melodies that perfectly blend power-popped up Punkrock (think of he whole cast BUZZCOCKS, GAGGERS, STATUES, TOYOTAS) in insanely catchy songs like "War in dreams", "Tame the ocean", "Blurred photographs" or "The escapist" with WIRE-like Post-Punk in slower songs like "Petrol sea", "Spreading the disease while supplying the cure" and "A new astronomy".

On this release you find even more No-Wave synths and fast electronic drum sounds here and there, especially in the title track and in the secret super hit "Those who wish to be stolen from". Just take off and let the sound of MISCALCULATIONS take you on another pleasant and poetic night flight.

A1 Faith In Architecture
A2 War In Dreams
A3 Tame The Ocean
A4 Petrol Sea
A5 Echolocation
A6 Writer's Block
B1 Just Walls
B2 Blurred Photographs
B3 Spreading The Disease While Supplying The Cure
B4 The Escapist
B5 Those Who Wish To Be Stolen From
B6 Chiaro / Scuro
B7 A New Astronomy