HEAVY TIMES - 'Black Sunglasses' 7

HEAVY TIMES - 'Black Sunglasses' 7"

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Those irresistible misanthropes are finally back with a new record after a year of lineup changes (4 different bass players on this 4 song EP) and strife, and those impressive new songs are ready to saw you in half. The A-side bolts forward like a pair of metronomic 70s Italian electro-punk anthems that skipped through time, complete with icy KORG patterns interwoven with sinister simplicity that’s almost too much to handle. The sheer brevity of craft here is in high form, like a knife made of ice or an invisible noose around your neck, it’s all downhill UNLESS you see their way. This is gutter-level pop for nobodies that want everything, and it’s about time these tracks were allowed to sizzle like this, as Heavy Times have evolved yet again and you’re gonna love every minute of it. The B-side unplugs the synthesizer and takes a turn back toward their signature “criminal pop” side that we love so much, conjuring up feelings of running for your life from the cops (and outrunning them) as well as some slick & melancholic Thin Lizzyisms that are just what your lonely heart needs tonight. So have no fear, Heavy Times are still throbbing along better than ever, lurking in the shadows, trying hard to not to act like they’re the best band in Chicago. First pressing of 500 copies.

A1 Black Sunglasses
A2 City Lights
B1 Bad Brother
B2 Choked Up