ANTiSEEN The Complete Drastic Sessions LP

ANTiSEEN The Complete Drastic Sessions LP

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Featuring 14 tracks from the band's very first studio recording circa 1984!!! The Drastic EP plus a whole sides worth of outtakes from the same session. Remastered for maximum impact! Pressed on White vinyl & limited to 500!

Track listing:

Side A
The Original DRASTIC EP
1. Queen City Stomp
2. She's Part Of The Scene
3. Rumors
4. Psycho Path
5. Absent Minded
6. Nothing's Cool
7. Destructo Rock

Side B
The DRASTIC Outtakes
1. On Your Knees
2. Jailbait
3. Wifebeater
4. Meat Market
5. Mill Workin' Man
6. The Witch
7. AntiSeen