ANTiSEEN - 'Honour Among Thieves' LP

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Antiseen's debut is surprisingly the band's most accessible record, but that has more to do with a production that is not as sludgy as most of the band's other output; the guitars buzz like Motorhead played at 78 RPM, the redneck-and-proud-of-it shtick hasn't quite emerged yet and the basslines, such as on "Little Sister," are not just strumming along with the guitars. The band didn't have its identity yet, so you can hear the influences of classic rock such as Alice Cooper and an infusion of the metal that was modern at the time (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden), even if Jeff Clayton's crew can't even come close to such levels of dexterity and, to their credit, knew this limitation and barely tried to. "Honour Among Thieves" put Antiseen on the map; it was a strong statement when it came out in 1988 and it rattles along nicely a decade-and-a-half later on its TKO reissue. LP includes 24" x 20" poster. 

A1 Intro : Boom Boom Bamalam
A2 I Don´t Ask You For Nothing
A3 Jailbait
A4 Absent Minded
A5 Odd Speaks
A6 Meat Market
A7 Queen City Stomp
A8 Lil' Sister
A9 Drug Thru The Mud
A10 Tourtured Soul
A11 Colorado OA
B1 Hammerhead
B2 Wifebeater
B3 Warhero
B4 Face Full Of Teeth
B5 Destructo Rock
B6 Thank The Hell Out Of You