RESONARS the Lunar Kit LP

RESONARS the Lunar Kit LP

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Truly brilliant! Since 1999’s Bright and Dark, Resonars guitarist Matt Rendon has refined his one-man band methodology so that the illusion of a four-piece combo is practically impenetrable. On this, their third LP, Rendon seems to have absorbed every significant guitar-style and sound between George Harrison’s Rick of ‘63 and Peter Green’s Les Paul of ‘69. But those are just the building blocks. Along with the spot-on harmonies, you might hear various echoes–but these are not pastiches. They are truly classic rock n’ roll tunes!

There’s the expected: the title track, an echo-laden, jangly folk-rock number, here powered by Moon-style drumming along with a raft of soaring harmonies and augmented with a touch more distortion on the guitar. Then there’s the peppy Hollies-like “Under Garden” and “Retro Rocket,” a headlong rush into A2/MC5 territory. “Little Spoiled Baby” is the first sign of any facility toward “ye olde” bloozy boogie. You also get both sides of the “Floor Lamp Eyes” 7-inch released in 2000 via Star Time (ST-8).

Lunar Kit is an elixir of the finest ingredients, able to make a blind man see, or even, possibly, drag you out of you pit of depression. Dig in!

A1 A Slice Of Today
A2 Under Garden
A3 Why Does It Have To Be So Hard
A4 Retro Rocket
A5 She's In Love With Her
A6 Funny Old World
B1 Flood Lamp Eyes
B2 Lunar Kit
B3 Way Way Way Way Out
B4 Everything You Said
B5 Little Spoiled Baby